AmeCloud is a comprehensive enterprise cloud storage solution.

• Provide public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud storage to meet the needs of storage, backup, archiving and collaboration of diversified data in an enterprise environment.

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Public cloud

• Self-built cloud storage data center.

• Provide 50 years of data storage business.

Provide 50 years of storage service for the data stored in the optical storage.

• Select storage media as per demand.

According to the characteristics of the data itself, choose the different storage media,  for instance, choose the disk by application data and select CD by archived or backup data. At the same time, provide a long-term storage pool in which data can not be tampered with.

• Unique data automatic tiered technology.

According to the data lifecycle, provide flash disk + disk + CD-ROM automatic tiered storage.

• Provide data “mail” service.

“Mail” the data copy CD to you directly, which can be used directly as disaster recovery media. 

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Private cloud

• Create an “F” disk locally without changing the usage habits.

• Full platform file access: Web terminal, desktop terminal and mobile terminal.

• Provide a variety of storage media by data lifecycle, and provide flash memory + disk + CD tiered storage modes.

• Automatic data synchronization, automatic backup of local files to the cloud.

• Provide file version management, online preview, full text search, data deduplication and virtual resource allocation.

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Hybrid cloud

• Hybrid cloud combines the advantages of private and public clouds to provide private safe cost of public clouds.

• Important files that are frequently used are placed in local private cloud memory.

• Backup data, historical data and archived data are stored in public cloud memory.

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